7% Solution

Unreleased demos from Bristol based band, containing one member of JFOE. the '7% Solution' name was taken from the name of JFOE record label.


1. Blues In DNA
2. Learn To Cope
3. Walk Right In


CHARLIE said...

Blimey Nora I feel sooooo old!

but it actually sounds pretty fresh and spacemen 3ish & punk as fuck.Who ever it was who put the 7% solution stuff up...thanks muchly you made an old psych indie kid very happy!

CharLie the singer of 7% solution!

My my spaceD PAGE with my newer music on it.

charrr said...

My proper blogg roLL LINK.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic Fringe, Yr true talents lay in web design. As Charlie said its great to here after such a long time. We actually did another far superiour recording above a 2nd hand slot machine shop in Easton with the Hairy Bristolian off the telly who hangs round with the bald poof. I think. maybe Charlie has a copy!
ps. saw davey t sprint walking home or his lunch yesterday.

Anonymous said...

link is broken...